34+ Change the image from the nail in 2019

The red manicure is definitely a manicure that can't be wrong in the New Year. This same color of the color-changing nails is really beautiful, and it is also very good. It is very suitable for the New Year.

But don't think that only red nails are suitable for the New Year. A black and silver manicure with full of personality and agility is also a style that can be done in the New Year. The matte manicure will be matched with the New Year's woolen coat, which will be very high-grade, and the color is also very resistant.

Wool pattern is definitely a style that can't be missed in autumn and winter. Even if it is a New Year, it will not be absolutely low. It is very suitable for fairies who like to wear sweaters.

This kind of immortal nail art is definitely a must-have style for the little fairies. How can such a good-looking style miss the new year?