22+ Nail category "Life and Art"

In the long history of manicure, nail art has its use. In addition to adding to our beauty, it has a unique role in some areas. Manicure can be divided into two categories according to their use, namely, life nail art and art nail art.

Life nails appear most frequently in our daily lives. Most of the life nails are simple, the length of the nails is moderate, the color is designed with its own clothing and temperament, and the style tends to be conservative. In daily life, we rarely see people around us with decorative and bold nails to work and live. After all, exaggerated nail styles will bring a little inconvenience to daily actions. Life nails are premised on practicality and aesthetics, and are popular among fashionable women.

Art manicures combine culture and art, history and fashion, and are widely used in stage performances and art appreciation.